Core Mechanics: Minting, Summoning, Renting, Staking, Exchange and Virtual Real Estate

Both ZOGI and MBLK will complement each other. ZOGI with its 30,000+ holders and multi-million dollar capitalization will ensure the appropriate support for MBLK. The assets will both have liquidity pools to bring instant stability and growth as the ecosystem brings in new participants. Legends of Bezogia has been receiving sign-ups from alpha testers, which has now crossed over 10,000 sign-ups from game developers, testers, individual gamers , streamers and guild members, many of which already engage and provide input in the sessions hosted weekly.
Making Legends of Bezogia unique in its structure is the multiple mechanisms that enhance gameplay and create an increasing demand and incentive for players and owners. As each player progresses, they are engaged to conquer more quests and earn more blocks to further their level in gameplay as well as mint valuable weapons that fetch higher values in the marketplaces. As Bezogi owners, the rental mechanism ensures that their Bezogi is always put to use and the pool distributes earnings equally creating an industry first dynamic passive income for gaming NFTs. If the owner of the Bezogi decides to play with his own character, there will be a seamless transition between the player renting that certain Bezogi to another one with similar attributes.
As the player demand increases, the summoning feature created by the team will ensure that supply always matches the demand. Any owner of two Bezogi can summon another Bezogi (for a cost) and have it automatically admitted into the rental pool for immediate income generation. The population of Bezogia will be controlled by these two factors creating equilibrium. One being the active daily player demand and the other being the cost and cool off period to summon.