Exchange (Marketplaces and Pawn Shops)

The marketplaces in Bezogia, known as the Bull Market and Bear Market, will offer a seamless experience for players to list individual and multiple items earned, minted or resold in the game. These marketplaces in virtual reality will offer an immersive experience for players and allow diversity of revenue generation within the ecosystem as we look to add more items as well as include ways to integrate real world e-commerce. For example, a player would be able to order a pizza in the real world through integration of a food delivery service while not being distracted or disturbed from his gameplay in Legends of Bezogia. Many partnership and integration discussions are already underway with real world technology companies and brands that provide consumer products.
The pawn shops of Bezogia will be spread out across the world and will offer instant liquidity at a discount for minted in-game items. This concept provides incentive to the player who requires instant MBLK for in-game use as well as it provides benefit to the game economy by allowing a healthy turnover back into the reward pools and available inventory of items for other players to purchase. The pawn shops also act as a minor balancer for supply and demand keeping in-game items increasingly valuable. Steep discounts also deter players from selling items for MBLK only as they have the option to sell the items at a better price in the marketplace for ETH or stable coins.