Staking is the action performed by a user that locks a certain cryptocurrency in order to receive rewards. Traditionally, staking protocols were limited in functionality where users would stake the native token of a certain blockchain and receive the same token as a reward.
The team at ZOGI Labs has redefined and in many ways, revolutionized the concept of staking by introducing both fixed and dynamic staking rewards. Apart from the fixed allocation of MBLK for the reward pool, stakers of BEZOGE will also receive in-game revenues generated from multiple actions detailed below. This makes Legends of Bezogia the first in the industry to create and implement this unique reward system.
Stake BEZOGE to receive the following rewards:
  • Fixed Reward Pool
    • 300,000,000 MBLK released linearly over 3 years
  • Dynamic Reward Pool
    • MBLK and BEZOGE received from summoning fees
      • MBLK and BEZOGE are used to summon/breed Bezogi, these are added to the dynamic reward pool
    • % of in-game revenues
      • A percentage of in-game revenues are rewarded to stakers
        • Paid in ETH, USDT, MBLK, BEZOGE, etc
    • % of rental pool profits
      • A percentage of Bezogi rental pool profits are added to the dynamic reward pool
        • Paid in MBLK
    • Early BEZOGE withdrawal fees
      • A 30% fee is applied for early withdrawals of staked BEZOGE, these are added to the dynamic reward pool
    • Rare NFT Lottery Rewards
      • Rare weapons, armors and items will be rewarded to stakers via a lottery system
  • Staking Options
    • 30 days
      • 10% of all staking rewards
    • 90 days
      • 20% of all staking rewards
    • 360 days
      • 70% of all staking rewards