Game Overview

Introduction To Legends Of Bezogia MMORPG (The Battle for Decentralization)

Take the role of a Bezogi and craft powerful weapons in the magical open world of Bezogia created by Sir Zogi Nakamoto to rid the world of trolls, keyboard warriors and fudders all under the control of the mighty FUD King. Legends of Bezogia is the first Blockchain based MMORPG designed for non-crypto people with proprietary technology allowing zero barrier to entry by way of a proprietary rental mechanism created by our team of talented and versatile developers.
Legends of Bezogia was created keeping in mind that engagement and entertainment lie at the core of any game. Using the most powerful community engagement tools like memes, LOB has created a truly unique and immersive experience for both crypto and non-crypto audiences. As players enter the game by seamlessly renting a Bezogi from the rental pool, they start in the neutral zone and are immediately in pursuit to kill enemies and collect the block rewards on their way to the Bull Market at the center of Bezogia.
As Bezogi encounter enemies like Trolls and Keyboard Warriors**,** they must fear if they are to face the most powerful of villains like the dreaded Donald Pump or Donald Dump. Collecting blocks as they enter the marketplace, players can start to increase their progress in gameplay by minting useful items like weapons and armor. Value creation has already begun and players have barely taken notice being entertained throughout the entire opening journey and quest. A series of quests, PVP and PVE instances await for countless hours of engagement ahead, all while earnings and assets accumulate for the player.