A Fully Decentralized Play & Earn MMORPG Multi-Blockchain Game Designed for Non-Crypto People

The Legends of Bezogia by ZOGI Labs
Whitepaper v1.1
Disclaimer: information outlined in this white paper and on our website is constantly updated and adjusted to deliver the best gaming experience, content on all platforms should not be taken as investment advice and does not constitute any offer or recommendation of any investment product.

Introduction (Play & Earn 2.0) ​​

The global gaming industry is growing at the fastest pace in history. However, it is currently structured in a way that only benefits development companies and is mostly restricted to provide value back to those entities. Many players invest in expensive equipment, whether PCs or other devices, as well as their time in order to participate and get very minimal in return. There are no examples of maintainable income linked directly to gameplay and only a small percentage of elite players are able to extract value by using external avenues like streaming or social platforms. Most game development companies also restrict or block the trading of in-game assets for tangible real world value even if the player has invested in acquiring it i.e. items such as avatars, weapons, boosters, etc.
In differentiation, Legends of Bezogia is built on the blockchain and leverages decentralized technology to empower players to realize actual market values and disrupts the industry by creating a two way flow of value between the developers and players as well as player to player. Gamers are mostly required only to invest their time into the gameplay and benefit by earning valuable in-game assets in the form of NFTs which are an authentic proof of their ownership, their scarcity and their uniqueness as well as transferable without restrictions. This inevitable transition towards acquisition and transfer of value will become majority market share in the gaming industry and Legends of Bezogia will become a prime example and leader in this segment as the gameplay design and structure supports free-to-play and rent-to-earn mechanisms.
Legends of Bezogia is built to engage and entertain first with the secondary goal being the earnings. The way, we firmly believe, the majority of blockchain based games should be designed. Legends of Bezogia is continuously gaining more traction in this sector of gaming and that is proved by the constantly growing number of holders and the performance of its fairly distributed native token (BEZOGE), which has grown in value over 2000% since launch. Magical Blocks (MBLK) has its tokenomics designed in similar ways to incentivize early stage investors to participate.

Why Decentralized?

The primary goal of the project is to create a fully decentralized game that is accessible to non-crypto people. Games should be designed to be played by anyone, anywhere and with crypto adoption still relatively low (less than 5%), our aim is to make a game that is completely free to play with zero barrier to entry so it can be played by anyone just like a regular free to play game. We believe this can bring hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide into the crypto ecosystem without any financial risk.
We believe gaming can be the catalyst for exponential growth in crypto adoption and Legends of Bezogia is the first blockchain based MMORPG that will directly give users access to the DeFi ecosystem with zero barriers to entry.
There are currently no AAA MMORPG titles built in DeFi, enabling players around the world to earn tokens and NFTs and hold them in their own trustless, decentralized wallet. Legends of Bezogia allows non–crypto people and crypto enthusiasts to play and learn about DeFi together in an engaging game environment.
Disclaimer: There are risks associated with DeFi, particularly staking and smart contract exploitations. Please take this into consideration before making any investment decisions.

Why Multi-Chain?

The goal of Legends of Bezogia is to give barrier free access to the crypto ecosystem, crypto is not limited to a single chain and a single concept, it’s ever evolving and for us this is the most exciting thing about the industry. We see ourselves as an all inclusive gaming ecosystem where we give players the ability to hold their tokens and NFTs on whichever chain they prefer.
Some chains provide higher security which may be favored by players with high value NFTs, whereas low value NFTs may be better held and exchanged on a chain with less focus on security and more on low transaction (gas) fees. We leave these decisions to the player and we will continue to add support for more and more chains as our own ecosystem grows.