Social Impact

Bezoge Charity

Envisioned by an early holder and participant in the Bezoge Earth ecosystem, the Bezoge charity was created with a collective effort of the entire community and the dedication of a few members who now operate it full time. Starting with 3 drives every month, the Bezoge charity now covers over 9 orphanages and dozens of people living on the streets or in very poor conditions in the Philippines.
Currently, the efforts have reached most areas of Manila city and some surrounding suburbs. 9 charity drives are planned every month where we are able to purchase and distribute food and essential daily necessities to the underprivileged.
The generosity of our current holders has allowed the charity to be fully funded for years to come as they get complete transparency on how the funds are deployed from a process that is recorded and posted publicly on all our socials. Recently, as an added initiative, premium meat was added to provide to the orphanages and underprivileged people we are able to reach.

Bezoge Academy

The Bezoge Academy was inspired by the Bezoge Charity as our vision to have a complete non-profit foundation gets realized. The Bezoge Academy is designed in a modular format to be applied anywhere globally.
Starting in metro Manila, the program has booked out entire internet cafes to host a series of 15 sessions for children aged between 10-16 years. The classes cover from the basics of computer science to the topic of blockchain technology and the power of connectivity and financial freedom that it is capable of.
The second half of the program is focused on play2earn gaming while highlighting Legends of Bezogia, its creation and gameplay. Students are chosen from lower to middle class public school districts and are treated with food,drinks and giveaways during the classes. The top performers in the graduating class will also receive certificates and rewards.
The vision of the Bezoge Academy is to not only educate but eventually create remote gaming studios that would host guilds playing inside Bezogia to create value and sustain themselves and their family members.

Social Impact Program

Legends of Bezogia’s core team has been defined by two missions: 1/ using the latest technologies to create the first extremely profitable fun and inclusive Crypto Metaverse / MMORPG for non-crypto people 2/ defining the most innovative and systematic social impact action plan the world has ever encountered by using the very same distributed ledger technology. This, for the very first time in the history of the industry, will shed full transparency and define new standards in terms of donations and tangible real time tracking results without intermediaries because the only truth will lie in code and nothing else.
What you will find in these lines has never been done and yet to become a reality, but it is fully integrated into the roadmap of Legends of Bezogia and will be released by the end of the year (2022).
As we have the know-how, the reach and limitless motivation as fathers, mothers, investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, human beings and because we are born disruptors, we are deeply convinced this innovation will contribute for the years to come and revolutionize the transfer of wealth and charitable efforts.
In a nutshell our ambition is to deliver every single underprivileged young adult with one educational smartphone and to turn this device into a source of wealth, so they thrive and acquire a brilliant mind as well as become part of this revolution themselves. All this has now become possible thanks to the growth of play2earn gaming running on the blockchain.
“One Soul, One Device Program” - Digitizing Our Emerging Youth

How does it work?

We will create two DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Liquidity pools, one to buy and lend millions of smartphones to underprivileged children and another one to act as a liquidity balance to reward tangible educational progress of these young adults if the in-game liquidity does not meet certain criterias.
Any donations will be split automatically between the two liquidity pools depending on the forecasted automatic requirements (linked to the age, knowledge, progresses, wealth structure of the overall kids’ population and the available liquidity within Legends of Bezogia).