The Team


Steve Murray (CEO/Co-Founder)

Steve has been a tech startup entrepreneur for over 10 years. After graduating from university at the age of 20, Steve moved to China and has started taking distinctive projects towards development and deployment. Bringing his vast experience in multiple segments of the industry, he has taken lead on developing one of China’s largest e-commerce businesses as well as becoming a security and infrastructure expert running an expansive SAAS startup that consistently ranked at the top of iOS and Android app stores. Before founding ZOGI Labs, Steve was a partner in a game development company that has produced over 100+ mini games for android users.
After co-founding Bezoge Earth, Steve had lead the ideation and creative direction strategies for the development of Legends of Bezogia that would revolutionize the play2earn industry and break barriers to how NFT characters and gaming would become a self sustainable economy and also be able to support and entertain global audiences starting from its own community members, gamers, developers as well as passive investors.
Utilizing extensive hands-on and self-taught experience in software development, Steve has been able to launch this successful MMORPG and metaverse as he maintains a people-centric and encouraging environment for over 50 employees across Pakistan, US, China, and the UK.

Nick Vadera (COO/Co-Founder)

Nick takes the lead as co-founder of ZOGI Labs by driving critical aspects of the development of brand awareness and strategies for organizational methodologies and processes. Being a self-taught expert in task management, Nick ensures that all team members globally are operating at the highest levels of efficiency. Being at the heartbeat of the company, he engages with stakeholders, Investors, and community members across the globe to maintain partnerships and relationships.
Nick’s career has a proven track record of creating effective management systems and he utilizes it to maintain the finances and monitor not only operations but also the onboarding, payroll, HR, sales and contracts for the company. Using his research skills and years of experience in cryptocurrencies, Nick monitors trends and the latest in the industry to bring unique ideas for implementation into the project.
Nick’s list of achievements include being recognized as Agent of the Year 2017 that led to being interviewed by online platforms. The establishment of a proprietary online OTC platform as well as over a dozen successful e-commerce stores across USA, U.A.E and Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Zakaria (Co-Founder / Project Lead)

After moving from the USA to Dubai in 2004, Ahmed Zakaria started his career in real estate sales and established himself in 2007 as the youngest entrepreneur in the real estate and construction industry in Dubai by incorporating his first agency and development fund. During his tenure in the industry, he has successfully managed over $1.5 Billion in assets and managed 3 funds from structure to completion in excess of $400 Million. During that time, he has also established businesses in brokerage, electronic distribution, import and export with the most notable being a real estate and development agency which hired and operated over 200 agents at its peak.
Being introduced to the blockchain space in 2016, he immediately started transitioning and vesting time into Bitcoin and Ethereum mining and established a turnkey infrastructure and hardware distribution company (Block Labs). Block Labs currently manages over 20MW of power for Bitcoin mining and is one of the largest distributors of hardware in the region. In 2018, during the crypto downturn, he started to dive deeper into the potential of distributed ledger technologies by participating and investing into multiple projects in the virtual reality and decentralized finance space. This helped establish extensive knowledge on the industry in general and a wealth of experience was gained in the creation, deployment and sustainability of smart contracts. It also led to acquiring an IT resource company in order to bring talent in-house to become more cost effective and productive overall.
Currently, all his efforts and experience is geared towards bringing unicorn status to ZOGI Labs as he leads and supervises teams and maintains strength in the community while the firm develops unique products and offerings like Bezoge Earth and Legends of Bezogia with many more proprietary products in the pipeline.

Team Members

Benji (Lead Game Dev)

Leading the game development of Legends of Bezogia, Benji has a proven track record establishing Raptor Labs with his business partner Samuel. Benji has developed and published several VR and cross-platform large scale multi-player games like Stand Out: Battle Royale, War Dust and GangV. He started developing games and interactive applications 14 years ago and holds a Masters degree in Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

Samuel (World Designer)

Samuel is one of the more versatile members and creators in ZOGI Labs. Starting his studies to become a social worker and then reorienting himself by joining business and innovation schools. It is there that he discovered his passion for 3D modeling and role playing games and went on to become a founding partner of Raptor Labs with Benji in 2009.
Being the forerunners in virtual reality at the time by releasing their first VR game in 2014, they became professionals as they left their studies and dedicated themselves to the industry. Samuel is involved in the entire projects’ design but more particularly on the landscapes that he has experience creating for ten years.
This is a particularly challenging aspect of all projects because the landscape occupies the major part of the screen. It must reflect the spirit of the game, offer satisfactory level design elements while remaining quiet so that the rest of the game runs smoothly on majority of hardware configurations.

AD (Adrien ARNAUD)

In charge of the whole audio environment of the game, from in-game music to all sound FX, mixing and editing.
With over a hundred movies and TV shows on his Professional resume as a sound editor or music writer (including Taken, Maniac, the Last Mercenary, the Transporter, XIII, Lockout, 15 Minutes of War, Marianne…), AD brings a deep and engulfing cinematographic experience and universe to the worlds of Bezogia. When he's not creating content in the heart of a studio, an encounter on stage isn't out of order with over 500 live concerts behind him as part of his own band, or as a musician for famous artists such as Sébastien Tellier.

Malcolm Russell (Operations & Marketing)

Tech marketer & operations consultant with over 9 years experience in the consumer electronics industry, working in data-driven digital marketing and production. Focused experience leading a digital marketing team on go-to-market, marketing campaigns, building communities, and driving e-commerce and retail sales.
Additional experience managing a video production team and producing marketing-focused video content and advertisements for in-house campaigns. Portfolio spanning smartphones, drones, 360/ VR & action cameras, audio equipment, electronic peripherals, software, soft goods, and fashion jewelry.

Usman Fazil (Blockchain Developer Team Lead)

Blockchain and backend developer with over 5 years of experience in the software industry. Usman is mainly responsible for blockchain and smart contract development and integration of blockchain services with the backend and frontend.
Usman has been working in the web3 ecosystem since 2017 and has worked on ICOs, Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT marketplaces and cross-chain bridge solutions. Usman is also part of Google’s #IAMREMARKABLE initiative which helps underrepresented people in building and gaining confidence.

Saad Rasool Butt (Blockchain Developer)

Saad Rassool Butt is an accomplished blockchain developer and programmer, and enjoys using many skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day. Graduated from the FAST NUCES ISlAMABAD in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.
After Graduation, Saad worked with Techtronix and MTBC using PHP, Frontend, .net as well as Hyperledger to deploy centralized crypto exchanges. Saad has also developed chrome extension blockchain wallets and Nano Ledger Wallet Software to sign transactions securely using Cryptography, C++ and Javascript.
His achievements include developing a blockchain explorer, blockchain faucet and blockchain SDK with 1 second finality using cosmos-sdk framework as well as a Flow blockchain marketplace with a bridge supporting popular ERC standards.

Zhang Yong (Lead Backend Developer)

Back-end developer, iOS developer, blockchain developer;
Mainly responsible for game back-end development and blockchain contract development and Web3 integration. Graduated from Guizhou University. Zhang has many years of experience in e-commerce platform development and has developed exceptional coding skills.

Almas "Ali" Ahmet (Lead Game Producer)

Ali, working as the Lead Game Producer of Legends of Bezogia. His main responsibilities are developing and maintaining schedules, overseeing creative and technical development, and ensuring timely delivery of deliverables. He has also assumed the role of the lead designer in charge of gameplay design and conceiving of the game structures.
Majoring in software engineering at Sun Yat-sen University, Ali has been working in the game dev industry for eight years since he co-founded a game dev studio in college. The games he’s worked on have been recommended by iOS App Store and Google Play globally, and he is the first batch of developers in mainland China who published games on Xbox One. During this time, he’s been deeply involved in all parts of the game development pipeline.

Squall (Combat Designer)

Squall has been working as a game designer for over two and a half years, loves the industry and enjoys all games. **** His passion for gaming is the reason he works in the industry and boosts his skills and experience. Squall is mainly responsible for the design of the skills and actions of characters, monsters, designs systems and some UI prototypes.

Fox (Unity/Backend Developer)

Fox is working as a game developer, majoring on backend and minoring on unity client. He has rich experience in game programming, especially in mobile games. His hobby is playing blockchain powered games. He majored in software engineering at Sun Yat-sen University.

Lori (Senior Unity Developer)

Lori graduated from Huaqiao University in 2005 with a major in Computer Science and Application. She has been involved in board and card games, VR games, apps, and turn-based MMO game development. In this process, she has taken command of in-game engines (delphi, unity), the construction of gaming frameworks and various value processes.
Her personal motto as a team member is “Game development is very challenging , you may encounter all kinds of problems, but it doesn't matter, if you encounter a problem, just find a way to solve it.”

Sunny (Unity Developer)

Sunny graduated from Guangzhou University in 2015. He is a Unity developer and a traveler. He has worked on different types of games, and has used Golang for server development. Taking on the challenges of game development such as network synchronization of combat, AI, and skill. His goal is to become an architect who can write highly extensible frameworks that serve the entire team.

Saif Ali Khan (Junior Unity Developer)

Saif Ali Khan is a passionate Game Programmer (Unity). His career started in 2016 creating several Unity-based projects for his employers. Saif completed his Bachelors in Computer Science from Arid University Rawalpindi Pakistan in 2016 and Masters in Project Management from Bahria University in 2020.
Started his career from a startup called LogicalBots in 2016 where he learnt the basics of game development in Unity and made some First Person Shooting projects As the game development industry was in its early phases in Pakistan, he has faced a lot of challenges at the start of his career and had to do a lot of self-learning.
Looking back at his journey till now he’s worked as a Generalist (Gameplay, Level-Design, Sfx, UI, Vfx, Game Design, Animations) along with programming for most of the companies and filled multiple roles but his core focus has been on becoming an Expert Gameplay Programmer. He has also had a grip on Unity’s Physics, Navigation, Profiling. As a gamer, he loves RPG, RTS, MMORPG and the MOBA Genre more than other genres playing Dota since 2014.
Besides gaming and game development, he is an athlete and plays table tennis professionally part-time and has achieved many recognitions for the same.

Lance (UI)

Lance is a game UI Designer determined to strengthen the art style, design scheme and optimize the user experience. Lance controls the output of the Art Department, divideing the work order into performable units for each position of the Art Department, to ensure the efficient operation of the team.
As a senior UI designer, he has been part of the team in many game projects, including SLG, MMOMOBA, ARPG by type, Western Magic, Oriental traditional style (Three Kingdoms, Warring States) 、Ascension by style, PC, Web, Mobile,VR, H5 by terminal.

Vincent(Concept Designer)

Vincent is in charge of the company's art concept. His characteristics are based on strong logical and analytical approaches, bringing lively and engaging games and cooperative exploration spirit. He has a passion for design that he has mastered himself and often worked hard on his skills since junior high school. In 2022, He still continues to provide his time at Guangdong University of Technology to develop abilities for incoming students.
As a freshman, Vincent was captain of his debate team as well. Because of his love for games and animation, he created novels and comics in the third year of junior high school. After training in Beijing for 8 months, He started to systematically learn about animation and games including mirroring of comics, movies, scripts, character design and scene design. His hobbies also include playing basketball at a competitive level.

Ian(Concept Designer)

Ian graduated from Beijing Institute Of Technology, Zhuhai. He studied environmental design in college, but his love for game design made him learn more about game painting by himself. An avid gamer playing League of Legends, Red Dead, HALO and Zelda.
In the field of art and painting, he has studied fine arts for 6 years, has a solid foundation in fine arts, and has experience in designing game characters, his favorites being the character design of League of Legends, DOTA and Watch Pioneer.

Gloria (Concept Designer)

Gloria is responsible for the first design drafts. She graduated from the animation department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. She loves games and has learned painting for many years, which gives her a solid foundation of design.

Fafa (3D Team Lead)

Fafa graduated from Guangxi Academy of Art Sculpture and Digital Sculpture, and she has a solid modeling foundation. Experienced in next-generation whole-process production, and she loves games being an avid gamer herself.

Ashu(3D Designer)

Yang Li graduated from Guangzhou College of Technology and Business in 2022. At this time, she joined ZOGI Labs and became a 3D Designer. During her work, she uses Blender to complete 3D modeling work, and at the same time, she is keen to be a learner and good listener.

Anthony (3D Designer)

Anthony (3D Designer) Anthony is an art college student with the ability of creating inspiring and artistic visions of art students, which greatly strengthens his logical thinking ability. Anthony has a passion for the 3D modeling industry, and aims to become a professional artistic model designer. Anthony has the capability, independently or in a team, to complete three-dimensional production, topology, UV textures, baking, mapping and post-rendering of sketches.
As an individual, Anthony is self motivated and optimistic, and has a good sense of team with a yearn to learn from his leaders and persevere when encountering problems trying every means to solve them.

Lily (3D Designer)

Graduated from Beijing City University in 2021, majoring in visual communication digital media art, Internship in Pinbai Brand Design Co., Ltd. for three months during the senior year. After graduation, She was interested in modeling, so she applied to become a 3D modeler for Legends of Bezogia.
The main modeling software she uses is Cinema 4D. She cooperates with the illustration department to complete model production and material production. The company provides her with a good platform to learn and exchange modeling techniques with her colleagues every day.

Vick (3D Designer)

Vick is a 3D model maker, familiar with the whole process of animation and can produce simple and complex animations. Vick prefers 3D modeling of buildings, props and texture drawing. In 4 years of work experience, he has been skilled in Maya, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Marmoset.
Vick is fluent with the use of ZB MAX, Unity, BodyPaint, After Effects, Premiere and other softwares. He has participated in the 3DQ version of props scene model texture production, exhibition design, in the production of GangV games, completed a large number of scene props model and texture, accumulated a lot of experience and displayed excellent aesthetic ability.

Felix (Effect Designer)

Felix is an effects designer for games and talented at making effects for various types of characters. He uses Unity, 3Dmax, PS and other software to make effects. Felix has a cheerful personality and enjoys watching movies, playing games and working out.

Kevin (Animator)

Kevin graduated from Communication University of China, Nanjing, majoring in animation. In his previous experience, he came across 3D game action design and fell in love with the process of making games. He is skilled in using 3D software, has rich experience and solid professional knowledge and has excelled in game action design for martial arts under Netease, the cartoon Max project of Yoozoo as well as the Maya project related to monster virus.
He is outgoing, careful, treats people sincerely and warmly, is easy-going, good at communication, has good interpersonal relations, has team spirit, can quickly integrate into the new team, and has strong learning ability and adaptability. Kevin loves sports specially playing badminton and enjoys reading and playing games.

Coco Mak (Office Manager)

Coco majored in Commercial English in university and has worked in a foreign trading company for many years and in December of 2019, She moved to Shenzhen from Guangzhou and joined Strategic Investments Consultancy Ltd (a sister associate of ZOGI Labs Ltd.) She started to work for the overseas real estate industry as she also assisted her boss with e-commerce, import and export.
In May 2021, she was assigned as office manager for the China office of ZOGI Labs. Being the office manager, she is mainly in charge of all administrative activities including day to day operations and the maintenance of office policies.
Coco also handles the office facilities and team building activities while coaching newer team members and encouraging them to recognize their strengths and take ownership of their personal development. Her hobbies and interests include the English language and traveling to meet new people from all over the world and learn about different cultures.

Sine (Frontend Web Developer)

Sine is a front-end developer excelling at using react node.js and golang to develop. Sine has been a standout team member by being able to independently operate and not only establish but implement ideas. His command over design and flows has brought high level user experience to the project website. Mainly responsible for react development and frontend web3 development.