MBLK Tokenomics

Here we explain the tokenomics of the MBLK token, breaking down the distribution of the total supply over time and detail the mechanisms by which the token will be distributed over time. Furthermore, we provide detail on the role to be played by MBLK holders.

Seed Sale

The seed sale of MBLK is designed to allow existing crypto ecosystems and institutions to form a concrete core at the foundation of the asset that establishes long-term support for the project. These entities are offered 65,000,000 MBLK (6.5% of the total supply). As early-stage investors, they are rewarded with the lowest price but also a longer vesting period in order to establish mutual interest in creating value and retaining it.


The planned IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is planned to be carried out on our own launchpad (Blue Beginnings). A total of 65,000,000 MBLK (6.5% of the total supply) will be available in the IDO with a portion offered to ZOGI holders to be purchased using only the ZOGI token. The total amount that can be bought will be limited. Other launchpads and IEO partners are in discussions for inclusion in this round.