What is BEZOGE?

Bezoge Earth ($BEZOGE) is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network and is the primary token in the ZOGI Labs decentralized ecosystem. BEZOGE will become the asset of choice for any holder looking to passively or actively participate in the Legends of Bezogia ecosystem. BEZOGE is intended to be a utility, reward ,access and governance token with the design to generate revenue (both active and dynamic) from all current and future products of the organization.
BEZOGE holders currently receive a 2% reflection on all transactions as well as many holders were given the opportunity to be rewarded in-game items by a snapshot taken earlier last year. This is just the beginning as, starting with Legends of Bezogia, utilization and staking will be implemented as detailed below.
Use cases:
  • BEZOGE can be staked to receive fixed MBLK rewards and dynamic rewards paid in BEZOGE, ZOGI, ETH, USDT, and other ecosystem-supported ERC20 tokens.
    A complete overview of BEZOGE staking can be found in the Staking section of the whitepaper. Having staked BEZOGE also gives an XP-earning boost in-game. Players with staked BEZOGE will earn XP in the game at a faster rate than other players.
  • BEZOGE can be used in the Bezogia NFT Marketplace and will also be used to determine eligibility for participation in certain sales/auctions conducted by the Zogi Labs team. ZOGI and MBLK can also be used as payment for these NFT sales.
    Some examples of future NFT sales are listed below:
    • Land sales
    • Weapon sales
    • Limited Edition character sales
    • Brand partnership NFT/product sales
A full list of planned sales can be found in the Roadmap section.
  • BEZOGE and ZOGI are also used as a form of payment for on-chain transactions, the first example of this is the summoning/breeding of Bezogi.